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*NERUDA: The Poet's Calling named a semi-finalist for the 2019 PEN Prize for Biography!*

At the 2018 National (US) Book Festival:

Featured piece in Paris Review on what we can learn from Neruda’s Poetry of Resistance!

Reviews for Neruda: The Poet's Calling (click publication for complete article)

"Mark Eisner’s vigorously researched, engaging biography topples the poet from his pedestal while affirming his singular genius."
Barnes & Noble Review

"Efficient and moving...the descriptions of places where Neruda lived and traveled are poetry themselves."
Publisher's Weekly

"The clarity of Eisner’s prose keeps the reader from getting bogged down...A thoroughly researched, respectful, and evenhanded biography."
Kirkus Reviews [and interview]

"In his sweeping and exhaustively researched biography, Mark Eisner plumbs the man behind the legend."
CS Monitor

"A thoughtful and valuable book, linking the meaning of Neruda’s public life to the state of our world now."
The Hudson Review

The University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science and Arts names their former creative writing undergrad Mark Eisner’s NERUDA a Summer 2018 Beach Read! Vamos Azul! And Ann Arbor's Literati Bookstore tweeted about Mark and the bio!


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Such a thrill to chill and share with E. Ethelbert Miller on DC’s “station for jazz and justice” (and thus poetry) public @wpfwdc Loved how Ethelbert closed program out reading last paragraph of the @eccobooks #nerudabio: “Neruda’s work doesn’t always have to be raw with politics or love; that, at the heart of it all, his poetry is about the wonder of being human. This is what keeps people coming back to Neruda, the essential poetic expression of what we are at our core, the elementary within the complex, the ordinary and the infinite, the true and the unknowable.” ...for before that: everything from young heartache, Ethelbert & @taylorswift , Spain & #langstonhughes, @citylightsbooks + @jessernstpowell pablo “venture” + special appearance by poet @naomiayala7s reading #pabloneruda : ”Is there anything sadder in the world than a motionless train in the rain?” Such an honor Check it out on itunes, search podcasts for “WPFW On the Margin” October 25... hope you enjoy if you listen. fun and wonder... And we met our fundraising goal!

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The first TV interview for Neruda: The Poet’s Calling!
Mark Eisner on RT
KPFA's La Raza Chronicles, a 30-minute conversation between Mark and host Nina Serrano featuring readings from what she described as Mark's "gripping, enlightening" biography.

NPR's Morning Edition, July 12, 2004, Neruda's Centennial

The Library of Congress Hispanic Division's Biblioteca Podcast November 2017

Books Tell You Why, July 25, 2015

New Books Network, for Translation of Tina Escaja's Caída Libre/Free Fall


The Man Who Gave Name to the [Red Poppy] Art House

SF Chronicle on Neruda's 2004 Centennial Celebration

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Mark's translation of Neruda's Love Sonnet XVII
I don’t love you as if you were a rose of salt, topaz
on the Poetry Foundation’s site

City Lights’ promotional poster of that Love Sonnet from the 2004 release of The Essential Neruda. For more info click here.

Neruda Love Sonnet Poster